Diorite wrote:

VD Peruvian wrote:
I honestly wouldn't call it a hiatus; if a season ends, no one calls that a hiatus, it's more of a break between episodes or a work time, which seems constant as in they work on episodes almost all the time. One of the most important points of an animation is how long it takes. An average episode of a cartoon takes around a year to create in its entirety. Have patience.

You are certainly correct about that VD, it does take a long time to get the animation done.  I think the tipping point on anger towards CN and the hiatus was when the leaks occurred.  Basically that threw the animation delay argument out the window as people began to wonder if CN does have a bunch of episodes done and are sitting on them.

Basically su animators work at a fast pace as they still work on the series even when it airs. A lot of shows they work on the show for six months and send it off to get animated. Basically when we watched warp tour they were story boarding log date

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