Sardonyx843 wrote: KCA is the most rigged of all award shows. Basically, all the shop as that won an award are from Nick. As someone said, KCA is just something to promote the Nick shows that are either being cut short as in length, or just aren't being watched as much as before. Things on Nick are getting a bit cliche and makes me want to just go to the Nick studios and just destroy the building and beat up any one who works there. If I get blocked for saying that, I am sorry, but it's just an opinion or thought. Not a death threat. BTW, when I was in 6th grade, at school, we had some assembly games and one of the rules were no running while touching a giant pink volley ball. All the grades, besides 6th grade, were running. That's what it felt like to hear that sponge has won for the 13th time.

I think it is quite likely a lot of nick shows are rigged to win so they can promote them more (like all the other shows are Disney as they have to fill slots). Things on nick are getting stupid as I hate the laugh track every show uses, Henry danger and Nicky,Ricky,dicky,and dawn especially (though I kinda like Henry danger). Plus it's like you can't have a nick show without a 14 year old girl played by a 22 year old singer/model/actress. The shows are also quite formulaic and follow almost a similar plot. I used to love nick but now it's hard to love

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