RidleyKraid187 wrote:

Chechutielve wrote: A brief series of shortened plot ideas:


Steven, on his way to look for answers, he meets a BEEYOOTEEFUL Homeworld Gem (The popcorn headed gem from The Answer) who is undecided on either joining him in his adventure or just killing the heck out of him for being a Crystal Gem, Steven proposes her to accompain him, so the story takes a break to show a montage of the gem and Steven having fun while "Sakura" (Song by Capsule) plays in the background, and soon after that montage, Steven and the gem are in a meadow that resembles what's inside Lion's Mane, and the gem tells Steven this: Rose Quartz NEVER shattered Pink Diamond! Steven becomes shocked and looks at her: Steven asks her why she didn't tell him that when he met her, in the process, Steven attempts to kiss her, but before they do: Steven is awaken by the Crystal Gems! He tells them everything that happened.


During their mission, the Crystal Gems encounter four mysterious undiscovered Gems that was imprisoned in a deck of playing cards for a millenia, who begin to attack them.

(Will continue later)

Look, I'm sure you've got a lot of great ideas, but I'm gonna advise you to not continue with this as your predictions for these episodes. retool some of these ideas and rework them into a fanfiction or original work, and for theories, try to stick to chracters and events that have been properly built up to (like, for example, Centipeetle's commander, or finding the cure to corruption.)

Honestly, you're coming off as a bit of a troll. if you are, then...don't do that. if you aren't, I'm sorry, but this idea is pretty far-fetched, and it is unlikely that the show would introduce so many playable characters at once.

I now finished that, You're gonna love what I wrote about That Will Be All!

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