All ships are ok to ship. ALMOST none of them are better than the other except for some.

These some that are deemed better are canon ships.

These some that are deemed worse are incest ships and underage ships. Underage ships means a person not of age of consent is included in said ship. Incest ships are a family member x another family member. An example may be a father x their daughter.

Steven x Lapis is an example of an underage ship.

Greg x Steven is an example of an incest ship.

Ruby x Sapphire is an example of a canon ship.

^^^^I don't ship any of those except for Ruby x Sapphire ^^^^

But underage ships can still be ok if you ship them with the age of consent. 

Anyways, my point is almost all ships are ok and should be accepted. Whether or not you agree should not be taken too personally. 

SHIP ON! And reply with you ships or ships you don't agree with. Please nu hate ;-;

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