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Dhutch99 wrote: Kinda weird that people can't say certain cuss words on this wiki but people can openly discuss pedophilia :\ Seriously, any Steven/Gem ship is disgusting. Pearlmethyst master race

No, no. I don't think Steven's old enough for THAT yet. I just mean they could be like Steven and Connie are in the canon show
Listen to Steven's beirthday song and find out that gems have no real age.

Yes, they do. What he meant by that was they don't age physically like humans do, but they are still adults and he's still a child. "Your age isn't real and your bodies an illusion" Grouping age and physical characteristics in the same line like that was obviously meant to imply that without directly saying it. 

We also don't know Peridot's real age, so she might as well be a hundred years old as apposed to the thousands of years of age most gems have

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