Dhutch99 wrote:

PeriThePlatypus wrote:
Dude, they're still quote 'like holograms with mass' and they don't age so when Steven grows up they'll be super cute together and they come out of the ground 'mature' but if we're going off actual age then Rose and Greg are gross and if we're going off maturity she's still immature and a brat when things don't go her way and acts like she's six.

How are Rose and Greg gross? Two consenting adults getting in a relationship is disgusting apparently. They're sentient holograms with mass that have a sense of age and time passing. Just because Peridot acts immature sometimes doesn't make her younger than she is, unless you think an adult with autism can hook up with a 12 year old and it's all fine and dandy

Dude, they don't have real ages. If you are so obsessed over age, then Greg and Rose are gross, but you need to have a set opinion here. You can't say they're gross and have your reason be because of the age difference then decide Rose and Greg are okay. Hooking a gem with a human of any age in my opinion is okay, and nobody said you had to agree. You just don't have to hate on it just to be a hater.

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