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Another Ronaldo episode, great.
Another Ronaldo episode, great.
'''<span style="color:tomato"><big>2/10</big></span>'''
'''<span style="color:red"><big>2/10</big></span>'''
''Biggest Trolling'' <ac_metadata title="Review an episode in 12 words or less."> </ac_metadata>
''Biggest Trolling''<ac_metadata title="Review an episode in 12 words or less."> </ac_metadata>

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If you're a fan of JelloApocalypse's 10-word reviews, then you're probably wondering how this goes:

Review a random SU episode of your choice in no more than 12 words or less.

Add the usual positive-to-negative 10/10 scale.

Oh, and don't forget the Superlative Awards!

I'll start:

ROCKNALDO (Season 4, Episode 18)

Another Ronaldo episode, great.


Biggest Trolling

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