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How can you accidently make yourself look like something you don't want to if you have complete control over how your physical form appears? I don't understand this post.
EXACTLY what i was thinking! The biggest problem with this (a discussions/threads like this) is that people keep trying to look at the gems as if they operate the same ways humans do. They aren't human or even from earth, they are a completely different intelligent species with their own identifying system. sex, gender,boy, girl, etc. are human concepts, not gem concepts. gems are gems.
Well... the whole wikia is our own identifying system. Why should we use their one?
when you see a rock do you go "oh this rock is DEFINITELY a girl. Look at those curls. that's a f**king lady rock right there sir."
Sure. Feminine gender is the best to identify them, why not?
yeah, no you don't. You see a rock and like EVERY PERSON say "oh a rock" you don't assign a gender to a rock, period. Gems are genderless sexless beings as confirmed by the CREATOR of the show and people need to accept this.

They act like female, pronoun as female, look like female.

Gender is all these things in a couple.

Btw, Rebecca just confirmed that they're sexless, not genderless.

So many people on this wikia are confusing "sex/sexless" with "gender/genderless"

  • Sex can be Male (Steven (his sex was confirmed) and the other men), Female (All women in the show), Transsex (I don't even want to think about that) and Sexless (All gems (as you said, it was confirmed), corrupted gems and the other gem creatures)
  • Gender can be Musculine (Steven, Greg, etc), Feminine (All gems and all human women), Transgender (It's Stevonnie in my opinion, I can't just say if (s)he looks only like a boy or like a girl) and Genderless (like the giant pufferfish or any another creature)

Sorry, if you can't accept my opinion, I will probably stop arguing. Also sorry for my grammar, I'm still working on that part.

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