AmethystPearlFusion wrote:
I'm not really sure where else to put this, but is anyone else sort of disappointed with how things ended, and how many plots got left unresolved? To me, it feels like they only shattered Jasper for shock value and to continue Steven's descent into madness. It almost seems like they forgot to redeem her and had to shoehorn in a redemption last minute, it felt so rushed. I wish they would've explored her relationship with Lapis and Amethyst a little further, we never really got a satisfying conclusion to either of those character arcs. Jasper aside, I don't think the finale is terrible or anything, but it did feel a little scrambled. Did they not get as many episodes for Future as they initially thought they would? Because it really seems like they got cut short with the episode count or something.

I do agree. Unfortunately that's always been the story of SU IMO tho: all the effort goes into the set up (hints! Teasers! Loose ends! Lore! Mythos!  Big build-ups to big things!) then it all gets fixed in 10 minutes.

It felt like a shame that they couldn't just do an epilogue series focussed on the existing characters and explore them, let us spend time with them. They tried to kinda do that but also invent a bunch of new stuff.  eg Steven's PTSD I loved (though the 'oh he's in therapy now so all good' is really woolly) but it really came out of nowhere. We had no hint that this was going on at all during the series: they invented it for SU:F.

Hints that Stevo wasn't okay (even really subtle ones) would have really made that build-up pop. Spending more than 1 episode resolving it (with the crutch of another dang timeskip too!) would also have been amazing.

I'm moaning. The 2nd half of SU:F (from Snow Day/Rose Buds onward) was really good for the most part for me. Steven's worsening mental state was both harrowing and involving. As always, it's that one thing: story boarding makes for gorgeous episodes but really disjointed/badly paced overall stories 🤷‍♀️ all IMO natch.

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