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just before you start reading notice i posted this in gem hunt disscussion so sorry but i had to copy it here because seems more relevant here also i did it so i can edge and edit the points a bit and make it better i could do it there too but it seems more relevant to edge it here where it seemingly fits more to the subject this is not me spamming something in two diffrent threads this is simply me sharing it here as a better version that fits more better and im not gonna edit there also because i am lazy...

i dont think jasper is obsessed with fusion she is obssessed with power but i want to state what i think happend and also why i think the diamonds corrupted not only some of the crystal gems but their own armies also i will talk a little about something that steven has that rose i atleast think didnt it is just two of his powers:lets go from the beginning which was the war for earth the diamonds sang their song now we saw how yellow diamond thinks of those smaller then her that they are minion just soldiers out to fulfil their duty that is atleast what i got from her speach with peridot, now im not sure about the other diamonds as they seem to be diffrent but for me it seems like yellow represents the more close minded diamond i personally think they are all very close minded but im not jumping into conclusions because the only diamond we saw is yellow diamond and well blue diamond but i didnt feel like i actually met blue with yellow i felt like i saw her opnions and her close minded personallty.

now lets jump a little to the war and the song first off i dont want to be sure its a song but it for now will stay an assumption why would the diamonds corrupt their own armies i think it was intentional it was to bring a more beastly side of them the more wild and instinctive side of the gems but i also think but not sure if maybe only maybe if lets say for example jasper combines with a corrupted gem my question is will she herself become corrupted maybe corruption is like an infection that can spread out meaning even if the diamonds dont sing again corruption isnt something that dissappears despite what i heard about fusion with it being seen as cheep tactic to make gems stronger on homeworld which is what jasper said but i myself am not sure how to take what she said but maybe if it comes from a homeworld view point maybe it is pretty hypocritical  from a homeworld standpoint i think this is symbolic of what garnet said in keep it togther:fusion is a choice these gems werent given one.

maybe corrupted gems work the same they seek other gems maybe the seek the pure gems to hallow them out and make them corrupted, i think jasper will use the corrupted gems as an army because she wants to try and hallow out the pure gems and maybe thats what she is trying to do but what if and im not sure but what if a corrupted gem makes a pure gem hallow what if it is actually so it can make it self pure again what if fusion is just a means to end themselfs being hallowed out or being corrupted and they make a pure gem corrupted by fusion and use the fusion as a way to transfer its state to pure gem and the pure gem will be the empty vassel so the corrupted gem will become pure again and pure gem will hallow out to a corrupted gem, if this is the case i assume that jasper will use the corrupted gems to hallow out the pure and maybe then fuse with them but im not sure if it is really the case.

jasper obssesion with power the main ingredient and the fusion is just the seasoning fusion is just her way to feel strong because by herself she feels week kind of reminds me of pearl when she fused with garnet.

now lets talk about steven and how he can heal corrupted gems there is a way because i think there is two powers steven has that rose doesnt that makes him not only the medic of the team but the savior of the corrupted gems his dream powers by what garnet said the corruption is the fabric of the mind being torn and steven does have his dream powers what if steven enters the mind of the corrupted gem and trys to tame it like you tame wild beasts and maybe he needs to heal its thoughts and help it in its mind and not physically cracked gems can be healed by the help of stevens spit but corrupted will need steven to go inside their minds and help them we see a few examples of this power of steven in the episodes: chille tid,super watermelon island,gem drill,the new lars and kiki's pizza delivery service in these episodes he interacted with others through his dreams and in some of these he controlled others well he was in their body i think this is what he will do when he trys to heal corrupted gems he will first control their bodies observing and learning their behavior and afterwards enter the minds and heal them i think each heal will take a bit of time as steven is learning to control this power also i assume most of times it would be like when he talked to the cluster what they said was very vague and it was very hard for him to read through what they said and help them.

so he tames and learns about their corruption and then enters dream mode enters their mind and dreams and help them now this can already be shut down by the fact that we see that dreams can be something that is experinced by pure gems we dont know if corrupted gems have dreams and it seems like pure gems dont experince dreaming alot and probably dont sleep much either so that can be shut down also if they are actively looking for a pure gem to fuse with wont that mean they arent sleeping and arent dreaming maybe when she said the fabric of their mind is torn she meant that they themselfs are put to rest welst a more beastly side of them takes control im not sure but what i say does have its fair share of holes.

now why did i say this power is something steven has and not rose dreams and sleep isnt something needed for gems (now it doesnt mean that rose couldnt have had dreams she probably did but maybe she didnt experince it as much as steven is also she might have slept as well but lets move on...) steven is half human but of course it doesnt mean they cant as we can clearly see pearl had a dream but steven is half human so he is more familliar with the idea of dreams but he can also interact with others and connects to other pepoles dreams now im not sure if rose did or did not have this power maybe she had half of the power she could interact and control gems but not humans and im not sure if she was as much of a medic as steven is although we really just see more and more powers as the series continues.

those are my thoughts on the topic atleast

There are ALOT of things wrong with what you said,

Jasper is obviously obsessed with fusion, have you even watched Alone at sea? Why does entering peoples dreams make steven a medic and not rose? Rose healed more people than Steven... What do you mean with the war And the song? Which song? Which war? And can you please use periods and commas, i can't understand 90% of it.

Yes she is obssesed with fusion but i think it is power she wants,her obssession with fusion is in the end to achive power what i meant was she is obssessed with fusion but her reason is probably power/strength.

sorry about the periods and commas will use them more.

in monster reunion steven says when he and centipeedle talk through drawings she draws him what happend and he sees it and understands her through art in their is a part where steven says:you stopped you heard something a sound,a song? and then...*centipeedle cries* that light were did that come from? *centipeedle draws the three diamonds*.

that is the song i talked about.

when i said war i meant the one on earth were homeworld fought against the crystal gems.

also about rose you were right i did quite rush to make this i forgot about roses tears but i did say im not sure also when i said what i said about the dreams i was talking about his power to enter pepoles minds so i thought maybe that could be a possibilty to healing them which again is an assumption and could be wrong i said that because of what garnet said in the episode which was that corrupted gems are gems that the fabric of their mind was torn.

also yes their is alot of holes in it because i didnt think about what i said but this is something im assuming and even when i wrote this if there was something and almost this hole thing i wrote im not sure or i think or maybe which was to show that i myself arent sure and i just made assumptions.

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