I have mixed feelings about this episode it kind of reminds of the first episode of that show and by that i mean it is an introduction to the series the only diffrence is that this is an introduction to Bismuth and her realtionship with rose.

Bismuth saying:we'd been shatering them for the sake of our cause.

Kind feels like what the enemy would say now i dont think the Crystal Gems are the good guys and Homeworld is the bad but what Bismuth said like Steven told her:shatering gems wouldnt that make us the same as Homeworld.

He is actually really right and the message for this episode atleast i think is dont do something you dont want to be done to you.

She is an extremist she hold extreme view point and quite reminds me of what my friend told me:none extreme side is good.

She fights for a cause and would destroy others for the sake of her cause so like Steven said it is an extreme view point but we see like she said:that is what she said.

Probably to show Steven and Rose share a simillar view point on the breaking point.

Other then the message above there is two more messages i feel this episode tried to convey:

1.never be an extremeist there are no good sides to being one.

2.try to solve problems not through conflict but through words and reason.

What Bismuth said about Rose:all that talk about how gems can take control of there own identities how we were convinced to ignore our own potential thats what it was wasnt it just talk.

It really showed that Rose wasnt perfect and of course i know she isnt perfect but this shows a diffrent side of Rose through Bismuth.

Because of Bismuth speaking about how Rose portrayed gems as beings with free will to control their own identites and powers and to ignore there potential was a great thing to hear,i would say that and what she said about her cause were the best parts of the episode the Steven way of solving is never through conflict but we dont know what will happen untill they fight Homeworld.

The Crystal Gems showed how much they actually trust steven before they would rush to help him if he wasnt in sight and they didnt know what happend to him but now they trust him they didnt do anything when they didnt know where he has gone to i apperacite their trust in Steven i know it is a very small detail but i still love it.

Also this episode made me curious about how Rose was in the war and how Steven will act when he fights along side his comrades aginst Homeworld.

This episode wasnt very good but the ending was the best part in my opnion it gets a 7/10 not to good but not to bad.

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