Honestly i dont know what to say about this episode it is a perfect way to end the 3rd season of this amazing cartoon,this season,these episodes alot of episodes of this season specifically left my speechless.

i have no words to describe the episode it flew over my expectations.

Steven throwing the Ruby to outter space in the name of self defense,his abillity to strech out his bubble,the moment Garnet and Steven talked about Rose's action against Pink Diamond,Steven trying to reason with the Ruby,unlike season 2 which gave a less serious episode to finish off and season 1 that grew the plot,this season finished off in the best way possible this season outshined its predecessors i hope season 4 will be able to outshine this season it was my favourite out of the 3 so far and im intrigued to see what the 4th one has in store.

Steven growing up is just so nice to see like everyone he is developing even at these episodes he shows us that he can grow stronger and become a better person.

This episode gets a 10/10.

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