Two words Smoky Quartz honestly this is now my favourite fusion sorry Stevonnie you come as a close second.

When i saw her i want into screaming mode.

I really like the fact Steven and Amethyst are so close (realationship wise) they fused.

Smoky Quartz aside,Jasper saying at the end Pink Diamond which confrims both she and Rose served under Pink Diamond.

This makes me ask so much questions:What did Pink Diamond think about Rose being on Earth and protecting it?

Did she even know that?

If she did the other diamonds know of that?

If Pink Diamond is dead does that mean Jasper is serving another Diamond instead.

What if by a small chance Pink Diamond is still alive?

Well this isnt one i asked because of the episode i still want to know how are Gems made?

This episode gets a 10/10.

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