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MiniDaggers wrote: Am I the only one who thinks Jasper can't/won't summon her weapon anymore?

First she didn't when she was going to shatter Steven and next she didn't when poofing the corrupted gem.

Don't think she really needed it then.
Jasper, like Peridot, doesn't have a weapon. Shes newer and they said in "Too Short to Ride" they don't have them. Peridot has a power, but not a weapon. The little wand we saw in Jailbreak was more than likely just gem technology. 
Have you not watched the show? Especially "The Return".  Jasper states that she was in the First Gem War (5000 years ago), and she is shown using her weapon, which is a helmet.
I'm new to the show actually. Fell in love with it in May when it became available to me. Im  still learning and trying to cram all SU knowledge and its easy to trip up. So Jasper has a weapon and has been causing problems for a very long time..thanks for the correction, even if it was very... Ronaldo-y

im also new to the show i have to say best cartoon show i have seen in my life, i wait enthusiastically for each new episode it has good plot,characters with actual depth to them,the world isnt colorful pretty and perfect,interesting realtionships,intresting philosphical view points and great messages to us with most episodes,good character development,and amazing theorys and hypothesis from fans its a good show indeed :D

also on this episode specifically welst i didnt like it that much it wasnt a bad episode at all it was pretty good but if i have to be honest the interesting parts for me was pearl starting to be less serious because she usally feels like a character that takes things and tasks to seriously so its nice she is finally less strict then the usual after mr greg i think pearl had a huge change but she will have a much more huge change when she will try and not think about rose all the time i really liked the joke she said and the fact she wasnt afraid steven and connie get hurt she knows they both trained alot and they are prepared to face danger and she should worry but not 24/7 be stuck to steven her faith in him and connie this episode mark a great improvement i really liked pearl in this episode,the other thing that got me was connie's parents being more open about her hanging with steven or atleast just her mom im not sure if her dad knows,what steven said was really intresting and could show that corruption isnt something constant for example like we saw with centipeedle she started to change back after he healed her and i love his obsirvation on how their could be a concouis gem inside their meaning it isnt completely corrupted,and when jasper told steven which she called rose (like in the return) and said the following:hey rose look what i got probably bragging about those two making me feel like they were of some importance to rose probably two corrupted crystal gem members who were corrupted by the diamonds' song also and lastly connie being freaked out made me feel the same way i did in the few first steven universe episodes of season 1 he wasnt very confiedent and i liked how she freaked out for me personally this episode would get a 9/10 it wasnt very bad pretty good.

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