HarringtonLittle wrote:
Since both corrupted Gems are Jaspers, I'd argue when they reform they'd have a chance of listening to Jasper (Sorta like an Alpha Gem situation) I feel Bruneau Jasper and Ocean Jasper are the ones found today. Or I feel that Jasper might force them into fusing, as I think it might be possible for Gems to force fusion upon another if the other Gems mind or will is weak enough (I believe Gem Fusion only requires one Gem to innact the fusion, this explains how Connie can fuse whilst not being a Gem)

yes your right she can fuse but so far we only saw her fuse with steven and i dont think  it is possible for her to fuse with anyone that is a full gem also just something i want to throw in without i think im the only who thinks steven isnt really half a gem half a human he is a full gem and a half human but thats how i feel,also you have a good point that may explain connie fusing with steven im not sure if it really is that it is only one gem needed which would make fusion possible with all creatures including even possibly animals like lion.

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