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Geobukseon wrote:
So, here's a question for you guys...

If there is going to be a sixth season (which is highly likely), how do you think this movie will segway into it?

  • In my personal opinion, I think the movie will introduce other Off-Color Gems or Gems who tried to escape Homeworld because they had 'flaws' that made them targets for shattering or were destructive and determental to the Diamond's Empire.  These gems have become resentful of Steven making peace with the Diamonds that had oppressed them for many eons and the new changes that allow the gems to be 'themselves'.

  • The movie will first introduce the Pink Diamond Replacement who was cast away because of either her inability to 'be' Pink or the destructive tendencies they couldn't control (like the seemingly spoiled brat Pink appeared to be when she was first introduced.)  After her defeat, she'll reveal to Steven the existance of gems like her, who believe they can NEVER live peacefully because of who they are, so they embrace their destructiveness and desire for revenge.


If that's the case then shattering is a suitable defeat for this gem

They confirmed officially that there’s going to a sixth season.

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