InazumAzure wrote:

Geobukseon wrote:
...or maybe Steven does attempt a solution to save this rogue gem, but lost in her own contempt and rage, ends up shattering herself!  Steven living with himself after such a catastrophic result would be an excellent way to start off Season Six!  After all, he is a symbol of peace trying to bring freedom to all beings that had been oppressed by the Diamond Authority, so having to overcome the guilt of being unable to help someone find a better path would be a great interal conflict as he assists different species and gems throughout the cosmos.

Being a Symbol of Peace is hard whenever what franchise or show you are in...

Also I'm speculating if the movie has a post-credit scene. I hoping for Hessonite to be canon as the next big threat.

Maybe. After all, she just left to space when the game finished. And it’s been confirmed as canon by Rebecca. Although I sorta doubt they would do that since not everybody played the game, hut they might have some kind of reference to it.

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