LapisLazuliisthebest wrote: "Fusion Cusine" was a "lemon" episode as well. The amout of plot-holes in it...

1) Why didn't Connie just tell her mom Rose was dead? If she asks why, she could just say she died in childbirth.

2) Connies mom already heard Garnes voicet on the phone, so shouldn't she be the most logical choice for pretending to be Stevens mom?

3) They get the gems to fuse?Yeah because everyones mom is a 50 foot tall, six armed monster with two mouths.

4} WHAT THE HELL STEVEN! You were realy going to run away from home and never return!? I know you love Connie, but shouldn't your FAMILY be highter on you list of priorities! No wonder they grounded you from T.V. for 1000 years! (which is my next piont)

5) 1000 years? Seriously? The gems I can understand since they don't have a sence of human lifespan. But Why did Greg agree to this? Steven my be half Gem, but that dosn't garentee a long lifespan. Greg might as well of said "You can never watch T.V. again even long after I'm dead and until you die of old age.... assuming you will".

1) She was likely nervous of what they'd say since Steven is growing up in a blended family, not a typical nuclear one. And with her parents she probably isn't the liar type. Rose wasn't married to Greg and Greg lives in his van so she'd probably have to explain it and it'd make them look worse. Personally a smarter option would've been having garnet go with amethyst and Pearl as Opal and they could very easily explain that one is the mom and the other is his aunt. Her parents are very strict. She's never had a friend before and she's worried they wouldn't let her see Steven again but in nightmare hospital we do learn that her mother doesn't really care what Connie does so long as she is honest and stays safe. If Connie just explained that rose was gone and Steven was living with her extended family they might be a little judgmental but so long as Steven wasn't in a gang or anything like that they likely wouldn't mind.

2) Steven doesn't think it'd be fair to bring only garnet. It was established in the beginning that he views each of the gems as his mother in a sense (in a sense though it's more, mom, aunt/big cousin you look up to, big sister) and saw it as unfair to bring only one, especially since each one could mess up the night. Garnet was terrible at conversation with people she didn't know personally, amethyst is a slob that'd likely offend them, and Pearl doesn't like food so she couldn't attend the dinner. Yeah garnet would probably be the best but not at conversation and/or lying since the entire dinner would likely be just one big lie.

3) The parents not caring about alexandrite to me is probably a joke on how the people of earth are so accepting and caring that nothing fazes them so a Godzilla/Bigfoot monster can stand outside your porch and ask for a cup of sugar and they'd just smile and nod. When the ocean disappeared nobody was really shocked as to why it happened or how it would affect them only upset that it'd ruin tourist season. Or a bunch of cluster gems lying on the side of the road to them are car accident victims even if they lack faces. It's rule of funny; like stewie on family guy drawing a picture of him hurting Lois and the only actual concern somebody would have would be that Peter wasn't in it.

4) at this point of the series Steven is pretty naive and innocent, and keep in mind he's only a kid and a teenager at that. They're prone to mistakes. Indeed Steven's major flaw is that he sees the earth in black and white i.e. he sees Jasper (who is more or less a gem who's suffering because she's trying to do her job) as an evil monster but sees lapis (who tried to steal the ocean, drown him and the cg and Connie and feel little remorse for it and break his father's leg) as a good person. He didn't think it through and again it was probably intended for humor.

5) gems don't really have a concept of age the same way they don't have a concept of down time, individuality, etc. and gems can't die from aging. Remember that pearl acted like taking Steven away for 50 years to space is the same as taking him to Disney world for a week or being only a few thousand years old when she joined rose is the same as being a teenager. So to Pearl 1000 years isn't that long a time and she does have a penchant for being dramatic. To garnet she likely just meant Steven couldn't watch tv until he proved he could behave, and greg just assumed they were joking.

Yeah the episode doesn't make much sense but remember it's an emotional funny episode and one of my favorites. It's rule of funny, meaning that you can kinda take logic away for the plot sake. On victorious, jade stealing Tori's blood would get her sent to prison but in the show they just pass it off as her being a bully because of rule of funny or in spongebob plankton selling chum likely would've gotten him closed a long time ago but rule of funny keeps him open.

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