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Sookey5 wrote:
I don't think the gems hate earth, they just don't think highly of it. the organic life on the planet is 'weak' compared to them. it's like transformers and humans. the gems only see the earth as viable for colonization, which I must admit, despite the cons, would've helped the empire. yd is only mad that a lone quartz and her defective pearl drove the homeworld off of the planet and that she can get nothing out of the planet. I think that maybe it was only yd who feels this way, as yd was the one who started the cluster, not bd.

It still sounded a little personal.  Especially since yd in the episode states she doesn't care about potential resources.  It seems like all she really wants is the earth gone. 

Thank you for watching my video and for the comment.

God bless you.

What if she doesn't want resources like trees but resources like the cluster. We still don't know what it's for exactly. Are the gems gonna use it unicron style to destroy life/civilization on other worlds or is it's only purpose to destroy the earth and after which it will be destroyed (maybe with a huge gem destabilizer). we also don't know if the cluster or something sim exists on other worlds and if they have been successful.

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