Remember that bomb-thing Peridot pulled out to deactivate her robonoids on the homeworld warp?

Did that come out of her gem? Some people speculate that she just pulled it out from the back of her head, but that doesn't make much sense. If the writers didn't want any confusion, they could've had the bomb ability come out from her limb enhancers. 

I don't know why a lot of people are against that idea in the first place. 

If it's about how sudden or low-key it was introduced, all the gems we saw before have shown theirs without an episode dedicated to it (the CG's, Jasper, and even Lapis). I think the "let's find your gem weapon" episode is unique to Steven, being half human and all.

I also think a bomb would suit Peridot fairly nicely. She doesn't seem good at combat, so she should have something that is long-ranged. She can't have a spear, whip or bow and arrow, but I think bombs fit the requrement rather nicely. 

Bombs are also more "high tech" compaired to things like swords or gauntlets which fit Peridot's intelligence and technitian class. It also serves a use for her homeworld job (how we saw her deactivate the robonoids). Using a bomb also requires thought, as it's all about the placement and timing of the thing. Each one will need to be well thought-out or else she may hurt herself and allies. 

Any comments for or against this?

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