HarringtonLittle wrote:

Sookey5 wrote: Plus not all gems have weapons. Like sapphire doesn't have a weapon apparently. She is a noble and as a result would never need to fight as she could easily have gotten a Quartz or a Ruby to do it for her. Basically garnet's weapon is therefore a cooler version of rubys weapon.

Yeh either that or Saphires are altered "gem-metically" to remove the ability of weapon summoning cause I mean a Gem who can predict attacks with a weapon would be quite dangerous if they got mad... Although I'd argue Garnet summoned her Gauntlets before Ruby seeing how the Crystal Gems didn't use summoned weapons during the fight or anytime in "The Answer" I don't think weapon summoning was discovered at that point

Hey maybe she thought it was better to fuse. Also keep in mind that the story is from the perspective of garnet so to garnet she just punched.

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