no i dont think they need gems because peridot said the reason they dont have all they gem powers as era1 gems is they dont have as many matterials. i think they make gems how we make industrial diamonds on earth and the injectors use pressure or something like that from the materials they harvest on earth and put it in there and it plants the gem wich sucks the life out of the earth so based on what i said it could be peridot telling steven about injectors and why they are so bad they could use any material it could be people or even natural gems from a planet that form underground because in the episode where steven talks to peridot about the peridotite she looks at it weird and my guess is that like i said before they take gems out of the earth and place them in the ground with materials that make it suck the life out of it and thats just 2 theories on it (agian sorry for no grammar)

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