Steven Bomb 17 wrote:
Ah ok, well anyways.

Not sure if I'll watch the finale. I almost never watch series finales. Because, at least with the good finales, they end the same. The main character overcomes a hurdle, does their dream, or does something that brings everything full circle and it ends with a shot of the main characters having fun. Sometimes it's a little different but it's usually the same. But at the same time I want to know how it ends.

If it's any consolation, you I think came closest to the 'When Will Steven Universe Return 2020 Gaaame! ' Correct answer!  So well done there 😎🎉

I'm a little surprised there's only 10 episodes left. Basically 1½ hours (unless the finale is a feature length, I suppose).  My K-senses are tingling - I fear we're going to get another rushed resolution. Tease some massive plot point, then dither about with Onion/new characters/new lore for a bit, then wrap up the whole thing before you can say lickity-split.

Maybe I'll be wrong (I hope I am) and it'll be all character-driven and give us all a great last few episodes with our faves 👍

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