"Hah! Just look at this one! You've stripped her of everything! Her limb enhancers, her status, her dignity."

Said Jasper

It's possible that PD at some point wore limb enchancers, in Garnet's memory she looks huge compared to her actual size, in the list of things that Jasper mentions, she mentions limb enchancers first, like losing them means also loosing your status and your dignity

Judging by how Jasper screams "my diamond ur diamond pd" it's accurate to think that everyting PD did, in the eyes of Jasper was ok, and that loosing her was devastation, it's ok to think that Jasper had respect for her diamond, so, if PD used limb enchancers, then, for a gem like Jasper, who doesn't like overcooked gems, wearing limb enchancers may fix this

I mean, in real life some people have good looking protesis and they like to show them

What do you guys think?

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