Iudexkoo wrote: I assume that the gem pops out of the ground knowing who they belong to and with similar base information. Similar to how newly born animals (outside of neural defects) having basal/primitive insticts hardwired within them, that is, in the absence of learning. Normality is relatively consistent in animals as they are in Gem production. Remember, the Alpha kindergarten has near similar holes within them. It was only in the Beta kindergarten, during the rush of war, did the incosistencies of arose.

Another point is that the Alpha Kindergarten, having made seemingly normal gems, produced Amethyst who is defective because of staying too long in her hole. While on the other hand, Jasper was produced seeminly perfect in the kindergarten with the supposed higher chance of producing defectives. Gem production, by and large, is a pridictable and consistent process, if they follow certain protocols or procedures; similar to the production of almost anything, that includes humans (In humans, this is usually seen in pregnancy, where the gravid mother has limited things on what they can eat or do, failure to do so has a higher chance of the child having defects).

Another thing to not is the personality of the gem in question. It seems all Gems of the same type, have close personality types. The Peridots seen are quite technical, the Rubies are a little lacking in the thinking department (but they are far from being idiots), Pearls have a penchant for loyal servitude, the Jaspers seen have been shown to be very condescending, while the Amethysts have been extremely lax.

With that in mind, it would not be surprising if Amethyst popped out of the ground already knowing what Diamond she belonged to or of other Gems but just did not care enough to even try to remember them as she popped out alone. We never really did see how she popped or how she was then. And Jasper, by her account, said that she popped out of the ground fighting, seemingly saying that she was already battle ready for her Diamond the moment she got out of the ground.

In terms of Gems's clothing when they pop out of the ground, they could still be programmed to already have their Diamond's insignia on them when they pop out. Similar to how a human's general appearance is already predisposed by the genes in their cell even if they are still a single cell of a newly fertilized egg.

But as we’ve seen with Peggy she really has no idea HOW to do her job despite being a day old. The way I see it, when gems come out they know about their job and how to do it, just not how to do it. Like when you’re a teacher, there’s a difference between knowing the material and knowing HOW to do the material or implement it. Then they’re given a brief orientation and get their first mission, like “you’re Pearl facet 4566 cut 456 and you are a handmaid to Morganite and you were made for blue diamond.”

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