InazumAzure wrote:
If SU is rebooted in a good way and not as dumb as other reboots. Then we could wish for the removal the Steven only perspective and focus on other characters.

And if CN gave a 9 season plan as a "what could have been" instead of maybe 6 seasons. Then the world building would have been great.

Heck I want at least 2 sequel series of SU just like Alien Force and Ultimate Alien instead of an epilogue series. But nope CN just keeps supporting 3 dumb reboots. Plus some "voice actors" have problems and it affected the whole plot and world building.

Nah, it'll be Steven Universe: Go! where they all live in the big city, regularly obliterate the fourth wall, have zany fever-dream adventures that make no sense and everyone acts like a four year-old on a sugar high 👍

Hawas1983 wrote:
 The show should have dropped the Steven Only Perspective after Jailbreak. The story became too complex for that conceit to remain effective. Steven became an albatross around the neck of his own show. The Hollywood axiom of "show, don't tell" was ignored just to keep Steven in the frame.

I cannot 👍 that enough ❤️

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