InazumAzure wrote:
Ke2083 what do you think of Together Forever and Growing Pains?

Sorry for the late reply!  Things are a bit mad in the UK right now.

I really liked them both. I didn't think they had the high heights of 'In Dreams' but what can you do, little Peridot just adds something to an episode (when she's done well!) IMO 😎

I think Steven's trauma is being explored well. Especially the reference that because of all the stuff he's been through, it can now be triggered by seemingly small things.  That's exactly what trauma is like, in my experience.  It's also nice to see how much Greg loves him - he's not the most attentive father, but he is affectionate.

I'd really like to have seen what happened between Dr. Maheshwaren and Connie to improve their relationship. It's just left to our imaginations for the most part (because of the Steven-Perspective) and, as someone who had to deal with overbearing, controlling family I'd have really enjoyed seeing how that was handled :) oh well! 🤷‍♀️

What did you guys reckon?

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