I really enjoyed those.  I thought the character development in each of them was strong, and it's so nice to see all that emotional work that the characters (and us!) put in to Peridot paying off so well.  

It felt like she genuinely was there for Steven.  Wiping away a tear, and saying that 'of course we can hang out' was just beautiful!  The only thing that saddens me is that (apart from background cameos) that's probably the last Peridot episode ever, now.  But a lovely note to end her character arc on.

Bismuth Casual (I keep wanting to right Bismuth Confidential! 🤣) I really loved too.  It showed just how far Pearl has come, from being a completely co-dependant servant to being a fully realised individual.  Plus any time with Uzo Aduba will always bring me joy!

Poor Steven got issues.  Ironically, although more existential, largely the same issues he was lecturing Spinel about not so long ago 😜

What did those here who've seen it reckon?  Yay or nay?

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