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Also, who's Kevin and Rook?
Kevin Levin is a former enemy of Ben introduced in the original series and now his best friend during Alien Force and Omniverse. Rook Blonko is a partner of Ben since the start of Omniverse. So yes they are characters from Ben 10 duh!

The reason I chose Ben 10(Teen version), Rex Salazar, and the Powerpuffs is because they are the pioneers of heroism of Cartoon Network just like Danny Phantom and The Avatar being the pioneers of Heroism in Nickelodeon. They are the symbols that can inspire even comedy characters like Ed Edd n Eddy and Spongebob to fight valiantly.

I would have made a plot as ambitious as Kingdom Hearts but that would make me write a big plot that I don't have time for. And even if I put Vilgax, Van Kleiss, V.V. Argost, Mandark, Mojo Jojo, Aku(to which I will anyway) then that would be too similar to Super Secret Crisis War a comicbook crossover with yeah totally CN characters.

The Ultimate Showdown (with MP3 ♫)

The Ultimate Showdown (with MP3 ♫)

This is literally all I am hearing 🤣 Personally I find big crossover things a bit, well, w*nky but that's just my opinion 😄

Sounds like a Crisis Crossover meets a Massive Multiplayer Crossover .

Not my cup of ☕️ but they are very in right now so I wouldn't say it's out of the question for CN to do something like that as a big one-off special.  Back about 10 years ago all their bumpers/ads were set in a Cartoon Network 'town' with all the characters interacting together so they've done similar things before on a smaller scale.  OK-KO had some crossovers, too.

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