I think some of that is just getting older, I'm afraid 😎 Oftentimes new cartoons leave me cold, but younger people love them.  Worth bearing in mind though that things come and go in phases - new stuff shakes it up, it becomes the normal, then it gets stale, then we wait for the next renaissance.

I was going to go into a tedious essay on the history of Cartoon Network (it truly is fascinating how it has evolved and how creators/trends/new ideas ebb and flow and are exchanged across different studios and networks).  Instead I'll just link to this video essay:

Biggest problem CN have right now is the same problem as all TV.  It's going through a very painful metamorphosis.  Streaming/on-demand is here (technically) but also not (in terms of monitization).  TV stations still exist, but they haemorrhage cash.  People want to consume original programming, and creators want to make it (there is some absolutely amazing talent out there in the studios) but it's tough to monetise.  Long tail and audience fragmentation also play into it.

The same video author covered some of this, though it does descend a little into a Teen Titans Go! rant.

The networks are trying to puzzle it as they go.  How do they make money for shareholders?  Should they buddy up with Netflix?  Do they play nice with YouTube and try and leverage Google's ad platform? Do they release an app and keep their media in that walled garden?  Nobody knows the answer just yet.  It's a tussle between a desire to make great stuff for its own sake and a need to pay the shareholders and staff.  Coupled with an equally important  tug-o-war between a curated, controlled media consumption model and a free-for-all, consume anywere, anytime, any platform smorgasbord.

The current modus operandi, due to this, is largely: don't experiment, schedule blocks of known ratings winners on TV and 'test' other stuff on apps where we can analyse viewer response.

Least that's wot I reckon. Your mileage will vary 😎

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