Ke2083 wrote: TBH I'd have thought Lapides Lazuli are the strongest.  They're designed for terraforming, after all, and the Lapis we know:

  • purloined the Earth's ocean (Ocean Gem)
  • fought the Crystal Gems to a standstill (ditto)
  • kept Jasper locked away under the sea for months (Jailbreak)
  • knocked Jasper miles out to sea (Alone at Sea)
  • resisted Blue Diamond's psychic wave

Those first two with a broken gem 😄 It seems like Lapises are limited only be access to water (without it they're probably naff-all threat) and by their own mental state (in Jailbreak, Jasper largely seems to catch her because she's only half-heartedly fleeing).

That said, Aquamarine seemed pretty invincible - she was able to stop Alexandrite in her tracks 🤷‍♀️

Being resistant to Blue Diamonds psychic waves isn't a thing all Lapises have. Our Lapis was resistant because she's "felt worse".

But yes, our Lapis is definity one of the most powerful Gems. Only beaten by Steven and Yellow Diamond who are both Diamonds (not counting Bismuth since she caught her by surprise).

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