A fourth season shouldn't exist. It doesn't really have a purpose. It would just keep getting repetitive...

All episodes from Season 2 are good, because if its intense storyline! If not, Season 2 has the best examples of animation I ever saw, and I consider that the highlight! It's pretty impressive if you ask me. There is a little bit of weird, but not too bad. Nothing "crazy" happens. Just be ready to have the feel's train pick you up.

I don't know what happened to Season 1. Definitely the worst season of all... Just didn't really capture my interest much... It was just nonsense and wasn't memorable. Honestly, I felt the storyline was poorly paced. The plot itself is fine, but sometimes it's too rushed or too slow. There's so many aspects of Season 1 that will displease viewers, like repetitive comedy and silliness throughout instead of providing something a bit more serious, which spoils the overarching storyline. It's different with Season 2, where the comedy is more tame and fleshed out, but the story is fast paced.

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