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Theory sauce?
Theory sauce?
If it's true I'm crying ;-;
If it's true I'm going to cry ;-;

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That was totally a cool new ending credits at the ending, though. Finally, something new in Steven Universe, again! ((-:)
Hm yes, the ending was.. Different. But, it's weird and mysterious. No more singing.

Lapis isn't singing anymore. Maybe... Jasper won?

It wasn't Lapis singing, it was rebecca sugar. -.-
That's what I thought...

Duh, I know it's Rebecca Sugar. But, there's a cool theory stating that it represents Lapis. And it sounds like it represents Lapis pretty well, Lapis singing to Steven. That's what I'm reffering to.

Theory sauce?

If it's true I'm going to cry ;-;

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