Zzfunk wrote:
BigFanofEntertainment wrote:
Zzfunk wrote:
I wonder when Vidalila said you better hope your magical girlfriend than revive the dead, I wonder if that is forshadowing another Steven power. Is he going to bring someone back from dead.

Perhaps during the next war, one of the Crystal Gems, Connie, Greg, or someoen Steven really cares about dies, and Steven brings them back to life.

Well, we know Steven and Rose can heal, but resurrection? That seems like a stretch.
Well giving how much OP Steven has been in this nuke, wouldn't surprise me. Though if he had those powers, I think he could only use it once, and it might cost him his life.

If it costed him his life, that would pretty much be the series finale. A very sad one though, because the main character dies... unless Steven somehow gets brought back to life himself.

While I agree Steven has been becoming OP recently, I don't think he'll have this power, nor do I think a character will die. I could be wrong, but we'll just wait and see.

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