This episode is amazing and also nice to see a bit of roadrunner in a modern cartoon.

I mainly liked this episode because Steven was helping Peridot in the first season we usally saw the oppisite with Steven being the one to need help/guidance so its nice to see the role reversal on Steven side he guides Peridot which is just in her first steps to being one of the Crystal Gems.

Although I do mention it alot Steven is growing so much even now and i hope they keep showing his growth its nice to see he is getting so much development.

I like the lightweight feel of the episode it doesnt take it self to seriously and i really apperacite that and its good to see that unlike the end of season 2 which ended in a less serious episode and season 3 began with a serious one,this season ended with a heavy plot driven very serious episode and season 4 made the lightweight episode i really prefer what happend in the end of season 3 and start of 4 alot more.

Peridot also got a little development in this episode as she made her own bubble and send it to her home a.k.a the barn.

This episode was an amazing way to start the 4th season i hope the season will become less serious in the start and develop and become more and more serious with alot of plot and character development.

This episode gets a 10/10.

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