Steven Bomb 17 wrote: I'm genuinly convinced CN doesn't understand what a good show is let alone a good superhero show

A good cartoon teaches children, it doesn't shove it down their throats but teaches them lessons in life for example Static Shock's episode on homelessness, raceism, dyslexia (I swear if dad doesn't stop confusing autistic with dyslexic I will hit but anyways) and school shootings. It inspires people, makes us laugh and cry, keeps us on edge, makes us excited and gasp in awe.

A good superhero show inspires people, they're human in that they have a heart and soul, some silicon some real. Superheroes teach kids how to become better, they struggle, they do dumb things, in Justice League Unlimited Booster Gold was egotistical and most versions of Batman are cold but at the end of the day they're still heroes who care about civillians and each other. Teen Titans Go, it doesn't have superheroes, it has people with powers that play superhero and sometimes care about civillians, they're often so rude to each other I wonder how they're even friends and they teach kids bad morals. Teen Titans Go isn't a good representation of a good superhero show.

Last issue, besides Shake it Up what family show has recently talked about dyslexia? School shootings? Homelessness? I know that the gap between Steven Universe's episode Back to the Barn the last series episode I know of to talk about raceism was the Teen Titans episode Troq so seriously, these are big problems, why can't they show a very toned down version of these issues? Zootopia was just one tiny step.  

I think the reason CN airs teen titans go is because it does so well in reruns. The show could get no views but still be good with merchandising, reruns, and syndication. For instance, each time an episode of law and order airs anywhere everybody who works on that episode gets paid. Bobs burgers for instance has terrible ratings (basically it was on par with the Cleveland show) but since it gets good reviews and does well syndicated fox renewed it. I think that teen titans go won't air much longer as its approaching the fourth season. There might be one more season but that'll be it.

The point of the show is that it's supposed to be a satire for little kids (with maybe one adult joke). That's why characters like Raven are totally emo or characters like beast boy are totally stupid. I hate the show as much as anybody, the only good episode in my opinion is the one where they go to Tamaran, as it is the only one that actually made me laugh. I think that CN is continuously airing it because of syndication and the fact that they are trying to promote movies like batman v. Superman, as they are both owned by time warner. Usually kids shows are used to make the movie more promoted while also making more money in another venture. That's why transformers prime came out around the time revenge of the fallen did, for instance and the reason why they cancelled it after the first wave of the franchise was finished.

Steven Universe will come back but we have to give it a little more time. I would understand if the crew needed more time but they've had so much time I'm sure they are probably half way done with season three by now. I just hate that now they can't do the show in actual time because of the hiatus. If it is supposed to be a few weeks that doesn't translate well if you get a six month hiatus. I just think we should Twitter ask why they did the hiatus and when somebody gets an answer from say Ian or Rebecca id post it in a heartbeat.

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