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So there will no StevenBomb 5? If not, then nice.

It's confirmed: "the plan" is as good as Burnett says, it would involve SB5 followed by weekly episodes with no hiatus in between.

I hope so, if there's a bomb followed by another 3 or 4 months hiatus I might just ragequit watching this show.

I don't blame you. The hiatuses after the bombs need to stop. I'd give anything for the regular weekly episode schedule again. The only thing we can do right now is hope that Matt Burnett is being sincere. -_-;;

I think the show is fine on CN. CN is basically becoming a cw of teen shows that are animated, with shows like regular show and adventure time that teach lessons but still have adult jokes. Steven does the same thing. Disney xd is more so meant for boy shows but CN is for both genders, even if it is a little feminist.

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