Dinoboygreen wrote:

Sookey5 wrote:
I heard that they'll air the season in April. Basically the reason for the hiatus now is so they can air new episodes in the summer. The summer the shows they put on are boring as all the good ones are on hiatus. Basically su can get more views.

For the sake of the show, I hope that's true. Unfortunately, (at the risk of stating the incredibly obvious,) we can't control when they decide to air the next half of the season. And any attempts to gain info on their return has been next to fruitless. Believe me, I tried; I have the block from McBurnett on Twitter to prove it. ....I was desperate, okay?! CN wasn't cooperating, so I tried the next best thing (or thought was the next best thing at any rate).

But that's beside the point. The point being that with this in mind, I inevitably fear for Steven's future. Not because of the hiatus itself, but because if they can drop hiatuses like this on a whim, this could prove to be a disaster for their growing audience.

See, my biggest points of contention are:

1. Technically, this hiatus isn't official. It wasn't officially announced by CN OR the crew, nor did it specify how long it'd last. Now this isn't inheirently the crew's fault, obviously, but some form of warning or heads up would have been nice!

2. We already went through a giant hiatus last year during the winter, so not only does another on top of it not only seem redundant, it's just plain arbitrary!

But I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought this, and until proper confirmation, by best hope's with the Spring Sweeps or at most, May.

I think it isn't the crews fault as you have to know that after a stevenbomb of course there's gonna be a hiatus. Plus they can only suggest air dates. Frankly CN will likely be saving the series for something big although I hope that the next episode we watch won't be a filler (not like how secret team was filler I mean like how garnet's universe is the only true filler).

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