Thestevenbrigade wrote: True, Pearl is pretty biased in her descriptions of the Rebellion. It's mostly just because of her love for Rose - you wouldn't want to taint the reputation of the Gem you looked up to most in front of that Gem's child, right? However, assuming it takes at least 3 Crystal Gems to take down one Homeworld Gem, then the Crystal Gems would have had to have a lot of Gems on their side. This was actually the most probable case, since we've seen a lot more lower-class Gems, like Rubies and Pearls, on Homeworld. If all these lower-class Gems supported the Crystal Gems, then at least 50-70% of Homeworld's population would be against Homeworld itself. Add that to the minority of upper-class Gems that would support the CGs and you'd most likely get 80%, too. Thus, it'd be a battle of numbers versus power. If Homeworld stuck to its practice of disallowing fusions that were not for combat purposes, then the Crystal Gems would have a blissful advantage, not only because Rose letting the Crystal Gems fuse and live in peace with the humans on Earth boosted their morale far beyond what Homeworld could offer, but also because it would drive those Gems to stop the injustices that Homeworld was adept at doling out.

However, Homeworld might have actually won more battles against the Crystal Gems. It could have just been the Crystal Gems' victory at the Gem Battlefield (and we still don't even know why the CGs won that!!!) that clinched the war for them. Still, there are a lot more possibilities. Homeworld might have done a feint on the whole thing and gotten past the block (HIQ reference aayyy): Rose could have stumbled upon plans for a whole chain of interplanetary Clusters during her time on Homeworld, prompting her to dispatch little groups of maybe 10-20 Gems to those planets and stop those Clusters from emerging. Maybe there are other Crystal Gems on other planets that successfully stopped their Clusters and are trying to communicate with our Earth CGs in the hope that they can stop Earth's Cluster from emerging.

I think that the reason Pearl looks at Rose so fondly is because rose basically saved her. Pearl as far as we know is defective and might've even been defective on Homeworld. Like maybe she was gonna be shattered but rose saved her and took her under her wing and taught her how to be a person.

I think that Pearl believes that if Steven were to learn info like that his mother led a rebellion and that the gems are aliens (I mean it took him 13 years to learn any of this and he apparently lived with the CG since he was like 5) then he would start to think and realize that the HG have a point and see the CG in a negative light. Like that is why he is constantly kept in the dark. Garnet, I think that she thinks that he should know this stuff but in good time, as she is the only one who actually believes in him. Amethyst maybe it is complicated. The CG do keep her in the dark but not as much as Steven so she should know some things. but maybe she thinks that after the kindergarten incident that Steven shouldn't know a lot.

I do buy into the theory that there are other worlds with other CG but they might go by different names (like maybe the one in the, say sedimentary system are sedimentary gems). Like perhaps rose made it mainstream.

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