Steven Bomb 17 wrote:

Fonzeppelin wrote:
Well... personally, i'd like to see some more human activity toward Gems. It seems... strange, that giant aliens warships entering the Earth atmosphere didn't attracted the attention of goverments and military. They may didn't considering Crystal Gems as something that needed observation (after all, for the humans point of view - they always were around), but the alien invasion... is something, that they would definitely notice.

It would definitely be fun to see some Homeworld killer droid, send against Crystal Gems, just to be blown to dust in upper atmosphere by a salvo of nuclear-tipped ballistic defense missiles) After all, the Earth is a humanity homeworld... it seems unnatural that humans would't help to protect it.

I'm sure they will, it's just that the Military may have been told not to assisst in gem matters

there's the theory that the cg were part of the founding fathers or one of them were presidents. that's basically how the gems aren't discovered by the government. like I mean, when the ocean disappeared, the mayor only appeared to care that there would be no tourist season, not that a killer alien stole the whole ocean. There is the theory that pearl is likely a president so her face is on all of the money. plus it would also make a lot of sense as to why the humans are so naïve and don't wander onto gem stuff.

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