i am aware other wikis are far worse than this one, and for good reason i do not use them

the only reason i take issue with this is the fact that its a massive community changing (and in my opinion, community destroying) decision, and the community was given no say, it was done out of complete random with no community vote

obviously the community does not need to vote on everything, i don't care to vote on font colors or template formatting, in fact i'd rather you guys decide that yourself and spare me the notifications, all that stuff looks great anyway, but something like this is unarguably HUGE and effects EVERYONE who frequents here

that said, i do at least appreciate the comment archives, because i did NOT appreciate all the data i'd left there being tossed out, so i'm glad to have that back, but i'd still like this place to be an actual casual community rather than a series of stiff and stilted forum posts

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