Christ, talk about throwing the toys out the pram.

  1. It's a website feature.  Not a critical drug being withheld.
  2. It's not even a particularly big feature.  The main purpose of this site is an encyclopedia. The second feature is a discussion-based community. Both of those features are still going strong.
  3. You don't pay to use this site, so don't be so entitled.
  4. The mods don't get salaries, so it's out of place to demand that these volunteers do more work just to satisfy you.
  5. I agree it's imperfect that some users are more equal than others - it's a rather outdated but common mechanism from the earlier web that's baked in to Wikia/Fandom (and a ton of other sites).  It's not like Disquss or StackOverflow with reputation systems and self-policing.  Because of that, here you will always need power users to make decisions.  Hence it's not a democracy: it is rule by elite.  Given how immature some users here are, I'm alright with that.  If you know better how to use those tools then great: start your own Wiki (they're free!) and show everyone how it should be done.  
  6. Nobody needs to block anybody. Just close your account .
  7. Anybody remember when we used to talk about that TV show?  What was it called, Stephen Something?


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