New Chat Rules

First off, if you link to inappropriate content (no explanation needed) in the chatroom or on the Wiki then you will be given an instant ban. Steven Universe is a kids show, and they shouldn't be seeing that kind of stuff. There will be no "extreme warnings" or kicks, an instant ban will be placed. Period (almost typed Peridot instead).

Second, linking to episode links will not give you a ban or a kick from the chatroom. In fact, from now fourth, linking to illegal episode links will never give you a ban. The worse that will happen, is someone editing a post that links to an illegal source out of the post.

Finally, if you spam (such as copying and pasting text multiple times, USING ALL CAP LETTERS, long posts that require a scroll bar) then you will be kicked. If you come back and do it again, then you will be banned.

tldr: Linking to inappropriate content gives you an instant ban, linking to illegal episode links will not.

New Chat Mods

Currently, our chat mods include Sticks the Badger and Fudgecreep. They are always active and always on the lookout on the chatroom. But this wiki is way too popular to have only 2 chat mods! This wiki should instead have about 6-7 chat mods, guarenteeing that the chatroom will be moderated.

So, this is what I'll do. People can put down usernames for qualified people that they want to be chat mods, and then next week I'll make another highlighted thread with a bulleted list of those usernames, and users can vote for 5 of those users.

tldr: Users can put qualified usernames in the comments below for people they want to be chat mod, next week another thread will be made for another vote of those users.

So vote for as many people as you'd like!!

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