Black Pearl 666 wrote:

Vérité et Masques wrote:

Black Pearl 666 wrote: Not supporting this BECAUSE SALT. The mobile trend is SALTand the people who support it need to rethink their actions. When smartphones cost upwards of $900, which is MORE THAN the cost of SALT, or just $300-400 less than a high end gaming desktop, people need to rethink their SALT. Who in their right MIND would use SALT when its so much more limited? 128GB cap on storage, 4GB ram caps, minimal to no GPU's in phones and the CPU is run down garbage from 5+ seasons back. Its like people who game on consoles but even more SALTY. It spreads the image that home PC's and laptops are a dying breed but it has so inferior hardware compared to what today's top-end SALT can do that it makes anyone who knows about these things(or has experienced them) SALTY Anything to do with SALT should be shot down immediately.

Phones should stick to what phones are actually for. SALT.

Also theres a chance this might affect those of us who use SALT. And I like SALT the way it is now. 

Seriously people, I implore you to think about the SALT to those who like the way things are now and don't want something that works better on a PC to be optimized for mobile. Please think before voting. 

Couldn't resist.

Dont EVER edit things I say. It makes me look bad and some people don't care enough to read the original message. I consider it an affront to me and anyone esle suffering from people who do this as well. Do not stick words I never say in my mouth.

Just want to say again, I apologize for laughing and supporting this

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