Hi there, the staff have recently added quite a few updates to the wiki including. 

Recent Wikia Changes

  1. Dorumin's script, this allows you to be notified by chat when you are private messaged, such as shown in the image below. 
  2. Organized Emoticons page. Recently, we've increased the organization of our emotes page including updating out of date staff icons and adding more emotes for you.
  3. Comments on some pages were unlocked. After a bit of thinking and considering that leaking has decreased we have reopened commenting on pages such as the Lapis Lazuli page, the Alexandrite page and the Malachite page.
  4. Badges are no longer a thing
  5. Chat mods and Rollbacks were promoted. These include CrystalMomSquad and Leenakitty to chat mod and rollback respectively.
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