The Biggest SU Fan wrote: Alright, I know the Crewniverse has every right to be mad right now (any content creator would) but let me just say I watched the spoilers and... I don't feel guilty. I mean think about it, this couldn't have been another "accident" by Cartoon Network. They've done this crap many times, and to this show in particular, but the queston is why. Why do they always spoil SU clips? Why do they always release episode names? One reason: money. Like any other company, they want to make money. They want to stir up viewership, they did this to make hype go up because they know they have a big following online. And thus they thought " hey, there are a ton of fans online that love this show, screw it, lets leak these episodes so are veiwers can make us money." But in all do respect, I do feel a little bad for the Crewniverse and how they got backstabbed. But seriously, if you owned a big company, woouldn't you do the same?

Honestly, this is a really valid point.

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