Cheeseskates wrote: @Disgustedorite Had to respond because of this

The wiki won't be deleted due to a lockdown. The action of locking down the wiki will be precluded by Fandom Staff. If more drastic options are needed due to resistance (which there likely won't be with reason, so don't get hopes up), then there are levels of this happening

  • The locking administrators get demoted from their positions
  • The bureaucrats repromoting people who then lock pages again get demoted
  • Those who continue to lock the wiki in some form get blocked.

The wiki will never get deleted because a team attempts to lock it down. That's not why wikis get closed. It wouldn't be wise to report to Fandom Staff before anything happens. Wait for responses, discuss more, and calm down.

Kind regards

Cheese, I’m confused. There’s a real lack of message clarity here:

CrystalMomSquad announced this as a decided plan-of-action. One by one articles are to be deemed final and locked to all except The Inner Party.

Sharayna talks about wanting to lock up and move on because it’s a miserable job modding this site.

You’re talking about this like it’s just a suggestion and we’re being consulted.

What the heck is going on?

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