Sharayna wrote:
...a lot to take in.

I'm heartily sorry to hear all of that. That all sucks and I'd love to say I'm not surprised at the depths of horror on the Internet but it still shocks me. The vitriol. The hatred.  That all bites.

Well, to fundamentals, this is my position: I sometimes try to fix content. I rewrite it a little to be more readable. Correct typos. Add reference links. I am as competent as you or anyone else, and the community is supposed to value this contribution. That's the point of a Wiki, after all. I made those efforts in good faith. The administration is wanting to use its power in the name of quality to hide any contribution I make behind a content approval wall with no community oversight of that power. That strikes me as... I don't know... wrong I suppose.

Ultimately it doesn't matter. I have no power here so what the admins think is what will happen. But that's not really how community content should work.  There, that's my 2p done with.

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