• Individual "Light Colors" from Attack the Light (eg. Indigo Light)
  • Every Corrupted Gem, even from the comics (eg. The Perils of Pweepwee in the comics)
  • Every location in-show (eg. Malachite's Realm)
  • Characters from fictional works like Dogcopter and Golf Quest MINI
  • YES GOLF QUEST MINI. There's a page for "Ace" and "Ace's Father..." etc.

Shouldn't there at least be a page for each individual Ruby, the Ruby fusion, and Blue Diamond's Pearl? I know the moderators decided no, but could you please rethink it? If those Rubies were exactly like in the show but they were named "Rubellite" and "Rhodonite," they would have their own pages instantly!

Mods, may you please rethink your decision?

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