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This is a transcribed copy of "Bubble Buddies". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Beach House]
(Steven leaves the house with his bicycle, pushing it down the stairs. A roaring noise is heard, rumbling the place, which startled Steven as he lets go of his bike. The bicycle begins to tumble down the stairs.
Steven Oh! Woooh- *runs after his bike*
(The camera shifts towards Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst, walking towards the direction of the beach house)
Pearl I don't think they are earthquakes, they're too frequent!
(Steven's bike collapses in front of the Gems. Steven catches up to it and picks it up.)
Amethyst Hey look! Steven's got a bike! Where ya goin', Steven?
Steven Just out for a ride.
Pearl In the sand?
Steven Yup!
(Steven struggles to ride his bike in the sand. He looks up and sees a dark-skinned girl nearby, reading a book on the sand. He then paddles his bike past her and parks it.)
Steven Some smooth ride... *turns to look at the girl, engrossed in her book* Five speeds... *repeatedly turns to between her and his bike* Hand brakes... Electric blue finish with a tiger bell! *rings the bell to draw the girl's attention, without her luck* I bet there are a lot of kids who'd love to ride this bi- Woooah!
(Steven tries to climb onto his bike, but falls over. The girl finally turns her head towards Steven, who is sitting on top of his fallen bike. Embarrassed, Steven throws his helmet away and runs off screaming.)
Steven AHHH!!!
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven returns back home and slams the door behind him, panting. He then notices the Gems, who were watching through a window.)
Steven *tries to be casual* Whaddup?
Pearl Who were you talking to?
Steven Huh?
Garnet That girl.
Steven You saw? *starts to blush* She's just a girl I know, except she doesn't know me. We never talked.
Amethyst *gasps* You like her! *smushes Steven's face*
Steven Uhh... I like everyone...*pushes Amethyst's arms aside*
Pearl *off screen* Let's set up a play-date! *back onscreen* I'll write up an invitation and work out a schedule. Oh! We'll have to find out her favorite kind of tea...
Garnet No. Just talk to her.
Steven Okay. But you guys can't watch this time! It'll mess up my funky flow.
Pearl & Amethyst Funky flow?
Garnet We won't watch. *adjusts her visor*
Steven Alright! *runs to the fridge to take out a glowing bracelet*
Amethyst What's that?
Steven *runs out of the house* Nothing!
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
Steven *practices his speech as he walks towards the girl* Hi! My name is Steven. Hi, my name is Ste-ven. Hi my name is... Stevan? Oh-whoah!
(Another roar is heard. The earth begins to shake, startling Steven and the girl. Steven looks up and see a piece of the Crystal Temple breaking and start to falling towards the girl.)
Steven *gasps, runs and pounces onto the girl* Hi, my name is Steven!
(Steven's gem starts to glow and creates a bubble-like shield, surrounding both him and the girl. The rubble falls onto the bubble and shatters, leaving the two kids unharmed.)
Steven Whoa! How did I do that? *turns towards the girl* Hi, my name is Steven!
Connie *adjusts her glasses, startled* Connie. (Steven helps her back on her feet.) What... happened? *touches the bubble*
Steven I'm magic, well... half magic, on my mom's side.
Connie You did this?
Steven Apparently. I'm a member of the Crystal Gems, we fight monsters and protect humanity and stuff.
Connie Oh! That's kinda like my dad. He's a cop. Well... more like a private security guard.
(Steven and Connie exchanges stares for a brief while.)
Connie So... how long does it usually last?
Steven Oh! Right. *start straining himself, and even hits his gem*
Connie What's wrong?
Steven It uh... doesn't seem to wanna go away.
Connie *looks down* Oh.
Steven *starts pushing against the bubble* So... I don't see you around that often.
Connie *pushes along too* My dad works for a bunch of different beaches, so we're never in the same place long.
Steven I go on adventures with the Gems sometimes. They usually say it's too dangerous for me though. *pushes the bubble further, as it inches a bit, and he falls over*
Connie Do you always go in a bubble?
Steven No, this is new. I don't know what this is. But it's okay! The Gems will know what to do.
(Steven and Connie try to roll the bubble to Steven's house, but can't get up the steep hill leading towards it.)
Steven Awww what? *pushes the bubble, but it does not move* Hey guys! Garnet! Help!
Connie I don't think they can hear you.
Steven *facepalms* Aaaww... That's right. I told them not to watch.
Connie We can just wait here until they come out.
Steven No, no, no, it's okay! I've got other friends that can help.
[Trans. Ext. Big Donut]
(Sadie is attempting to break the bubble with a hammer while Lars is laughing aloud.)
Lars Way to go, Steven! Is this your magic love bubble or something? Did you make it because you're in looove? *presses his face against the bubble*
Steven That's Lars. We're basically BFFs.
Connie He makes weird faces.
(Lars proceeds to make kissy faces and licks the bubble.)
Sadie Lars, quit being a jerk and help!
Lars What? I'm helping Steven on his date.
Sadie You're embarrassing him!
Lars No, I'm not!
Sadie Yes, you are!
(Lars and Sadie's argument becomes inaudible in the background.)
Steven He and Sadie run the Big Donut.
Connie Do... they get along?
(Sadie and Lars continue arguing, Sadie pushes Lars.)
Steven They're crazy about each other.
Sadie I'm gonna go try something else! *goes inside the Big Donut*
Steven Anyway, this place has the best doughnuts! I come here, like, everyday!
Connie My parents don't let me eat doughnuts. They have trans fats.
Steven WHHAAAAATTT??!! (Lars starts making kissy faces again behind Steven.) Well it's still a cool place to hang out.
Sadie Aaaahhh!!! *runs out of the Big Donut with a stool and smashes it against the bubble, destroying the stool on impact*
Steven *nervous chuckle* I have a better idea.
[Trans. Beach City Pier]
Connie *looking around the pier* Whoa, a trawler! And a little skip-jack!
Steven You know a lot about boats.
Connie That's what happens when you hang out at the beach and don't swim and don't have friends... Y-you look at boats...
Steven Heh, uh... *notices a boy holding a bag of popcorns* Oh hey, Onion, Onion! (Onion waves.) We need a Harpoon Gun!
Connie What?!
Steven To pop the bubble.
Connie Can't we just go back to your house?
Steven It's okay, I'm a Gem. Onion, we need a harpoon gun! *slowly* HAR-POON-GUUUN!
(Onion eats the popcorn obliviously. Steven signs and breaths on the bubble, creating fog where he attempts to illustrate a boat firing a harpoon gun at the bubble.)
Steven *drawing* Haar-pooon-guuun... (Onion continues eating obliviously.) UGH! *facepalms*
Connie Let me try.
(She breaths fog on the bubble too and spells out "harpoon gun". Onion gives a thumbs up and runs off. Steven looks at her, impressed.)
Connie It just made more sense.
(A boat horn is heard, as Onion stands at the helm of a boat with the harpoon gun. Steven and Connie scream as they leans out of the way in the bubble. Onion shoots a harpoon at the bubble, which gets deflected by the bubble and and hits a nearby boat. Onion gives a thumbs-up.)
Connie The trawler... *watches the boat sinks into the water*
[Trans. Beach City Funland]
Connie *rolling the bubble with Steven* "Funland"?
Steven Yeah! Tons of horrible accidents happen here everyday! There's gotta be something to break this bubble.
Connie Umm...
Steven We just gotta find the right ride. *spots a roller coaster* Yeah, the kiddie coaster! (Steven and Connie step onto the platform as the roller coaster is taking off.) Alright, we just roll down this ramp as the carts are coming at us, and the crash will break us free!
Connie What happens after the bubble pops?
Steven We'll be free!
(Awkward pause...)
Connie Steven, this is a bad idea- (Another roar is heard, shaking the place.)
Steven Whaaa- This will work! *pushes themselves onto the roller coaster tracks*
(The bubble starts rolling them down the roller coaster tracks. The roller coaster collides with them, pushing them along. Mr. Smiley hits the emergency break and stops the ride. The inertia launches the bubble off the tracks, sending Steven and Connie flying and screaming out to sea. The bubble hits the water and sink all the way to the ocean floor.)
Trans. Ocean Floor
Connie Where are we?
Steven The bottom of the ocean.
(Connie gasps, horrified.)
Steven It's okay!
Connie Are we even close to the shore?
Steven Yeah, sure!
Connie Let's start rolling.
Steven It's a good thing this bubble is airtight, otherwise we'd be drowning right now. *laughs nervously, while Connie is visibly agitated* Don't worry Connie, I have an idea that will definitely work, when we get back-
(Just then, a huge worm-like monster swims above them, scaring Connie.)
Steven A huge worm! It's okay, look! It only wants to eat that bright stuff. (The worm monster consumes some nearby glowing red seaweed.) See? Not scary at all.
The Worm Monster begins to burrow into the ground, creating a crevice underneath Steven and Connie, and the bubble sinks deeper into it.
Steven Ughhh... *realizes his foot is in Connie's face* Oh, sorry! Are you alright? (Connie stands up, speechless.) It's not so bad. *looks up from inside the crevice* Uhhh. I-It's okay, I uh...
Connie It's NOT OKAY!!
Steven Uh?!
Connie You keep saying that but you don't know what you're doing! Now we're going to suffocate or starve at the bottom of the ocean and only my parents will notice because no one else cares about me! *starts tearing up*
Steven Huh?
Connie I'm gonna disappear without ever making a single friend...
(Connie breaks down and starts crying. Steven then holds up the glowing bracelet he retrieved from the fridge to Connie.)
Steven We can be friends. (Connie starts blushing.) I saw you at the Boardwalk Parade last year. You dropped your bracelet. I picked it up, but then I couldn't find you. I saved it in the freezer so it would last longer, in case I saw you again.
[Brief flashbacks of Boardwalk Parade]
Connie Oh! You were the kid on the car wash float. *chuckles* You had soap bubbles in your hair.
Steven *blushes and laughs* I was supposed to be a scrub brush. I'm sorry Connie. *puts the bracelet on Connie's wrist* If I had returned your bracelet back then, you wouldn't be stuck in this bubble with me now.
Connie *blushing* No, it's okay. I'm having fun.
(The bubble suddenly bursts, exposing Steven and Connie to the water. Steven leads Connie as they swim upwards to the water surface, gasping for air. They start laughing, when suddenly, the Worm Monster emerges and attacks them. The wave created from the attack splashes Steven and Connie back on shore. The Worm Monster continues to pursue them.)
[Trans. Under Funland's Pier]
Connie Come on, come on! *runs away with Steven* Hide in the rocks, Steven!
(Connie tries to climb up a bunch of rocks while Steven runs under the pier. The Worm Monster aims for Connie.)
Steven Why is it chasing us?! *notices Connie's bracelet* The bracelet! It eats bright stuff. Connie!
Connie Steven! *runs away from the Worm Monster*
Steven Give me the bracelet! *runs towards Connie and takes her bracelet*
Connie What?!
Steven It's okay, now go, go! Run that way! *pushes Connie in a different direction* I'm sorry!
(The Worm Monster pursues Steven, now in possession of the bracelet. Steven zigzags around the pillars of the pier while yelling frantically, causing the monster to wrap and knot around itself. The immobilized monster struggles to break free as Connie and Steven hold hands in horror. The pillars break from the struggle, causing the pier to collapse on the monster, crushing and poofing it. The Gems come rushing towards them.)
Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl STEVEN!
Pearl *sees the destruction* Steven, what's going on?! What did you do?!
Connie He was incredible!
Steven Really? You mean it? (Connie nods. Garnet picks up a fallen Gem in the background and bubbles it away.) Here's your bracelet... again.
Connie Thanks. *chuckles*
Amethyst *grabs Steven* So, are you going to introduce us? (Steven blushes.)
Pearl *to Connie* Steven was so excited to meet you. Right, Steven? (Steven nods and laughs nervously.)
Garnet *picks up Pearl and Amethyst* Hey! Don't mess with his funky flow. *walks off with them*
Connie Funky... flow?
Steven Uhh... *starts groaning in embarrassment*
(The star iris zooms in on the nervous Steven, ending the episode.)

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